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Welcome to DWIB

We represent the Women of Bronfman
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About Us
Desautels Women in Business aims to provide a platform for students to explore the opportunities and careers available to them. We are continuously expanding our strong network of women interested in a career in management; our network consists not only of professionals, but of current students, professors, and McGill Alumni. Together, we aim to educate and inspire our students to achieve their goals with confidence as they begin to shape their futures.

Meet Our Team

Major: Human Resources, Concentration: Marketing.
Keisha Mistry
Major: Marketing Concentration: Global Strategy
Morgan Davis
VP Communications
Major: Finance Concentration: Entrepreneurship, Global Strategy
Hilary Lee
VP Speaker Relations
Major: Finance Concentration: Business Analytics
Rachel Seo
Major: Economics Concentration: Marketing
Tanya Gandhi
VP Sponsorship
Triple Concentration; Finance, Strategy, Marketing
Isabel Maier
VP Technology
Major: Finance Minor: French
Nina Ni
Conference Chair
Major: Accounting
Juliette Lapointe
VP Sponsorship
Major: Finance
Abigail Mackenzie-Armes
VP Finance
Major: Honours in Investment Management
Alexandra Ma
VP Logistics
Major: Finance Concentration: Business Analytics
Emma-Kate Sweeney
VP Speaker Relations
Triple Concentration; Finance, Data Analytics, Global Strategy
Ariane Dusablon
VP External
Senior Advisors
These people are DWIB Alumni who stick around and offer advice. They are active members who serve to assist women develop their careers. 

Where are they now? Desautels Faculty of Management; Ombudsman
Michael Dove Charlie Osman
Senior Advisor
Where are they now? Desautels Faculty of Management
Alex Tinmouth
Senior Advisor
We welcome students of all genders and faculties to join us as members of DWIB.

We provide our members with access to our weekly listserv, which features exclusive opportunities for networking and recruitment from Canada's top companies. Additionally, members are welcome to attend our events throughout the semester, which cover a wide range of topics and are sponsored by international firms. Members are also entitled to a discount to our National Conference, held in the winter semester each year
Registration will open soon, until then, follow us on FaceBook!
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The Conference
A conference like no other

National Women in Business Conference (NWBC)

Best Academic Event of the Year 2015

Management Undergraduate Society

Best Club Award Year 2016

Management Undergraduate Society

2016 BPW Canada Centennial Recognition Award

Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women

Best Club Award Year 2017

Management Undergraduate Society

Past Team Members 
Keisha Mistry and Rachel Seo
Senior Advisor:
Alex Tinmouth
Conference Chair:
Nina Ni
VP Finance - Abigail MacKenzie-Armes
VP Speaker Relations - Hilary Lee
VP Speaker Relations - Emma-Kate Sweeney
VP Sponsorship - Tanya Gandhi
VP Sponsorship - Juliette Lapointe
VP Logistics - Alexandra Ma
VP External - Ariane Dusablon
VP Communications - Morgan Davis
VP Tech - Isabel Maier
Dominique Buchanan and Jessica Zhang
Conference Chair: 
Alex Tinmouth
VP Comm - Keisha Mistry 
VP Logistics - Emma Grannis
VP Design - Michael Dove Charlie Osman
VP Technology - Kirththiga Murugupillai
VP External - Florence La Rochelle
VP Corporate Relations - Aida Chakri
VP Corporate Relations - Gabby Ho
VP Sponsorship - Tanya Gandhi
VP Sponsorship - Rachel Seo
VP Finance - Abigail Mackenzie-Armes
Marketing Director - Jun Wnag

Anna Hashmi-Queen and Stephanie Ng Lun
Conference Chair: 
Caroline Vong and Alice Zhang
VP Comm - Dominique Buchanan
VP Internal - Valerie Ha
VP Design - Zoe Skindilias
VP Technology - Kirththiga Murugupillai
VP Finance - Jessica Zhang
Conference Committee Members:
Cloue Bouchard 
Alex Tinmouth
Aida Chakri
Emilie Granger
Sanjana Arora 
Gabby Ho
Elena Poulakis

Amandine Roche and Marianne Liu
Conference Chair: 
Ginny Tan
VP Comm - Stephanie Ng Lun (Fall 2015)
VP External - Yasmine Lazrak
VP Internal - Carina Dumitru
VP Design - Eleanor Tsang
VP Technology - Kirththiga Murugupillai
VP Finance - Caroline Vong
VP Sponsorship - Susan Wang
Conference Committee Members:
Anna Queen (Fall 2015)
Xenia Deng
Alice Zhang
Marie-Gil Fabris
Dominique Buchanan

Amandine Roche (2014 - 2015), Vasilia Kratsios (Fall 2014)
Executive Vice President: 
Marianne Liu
Conference Chair: 
Caelestia Hu
VP Comm - Stephanie Ng Lun
VP Finance - Marianne Boiteau
VP Design - Rébéka Cohen-Solal
Conference Committee Members:
Ginny Tan
Michelle Tam
Aleksandra Kasikovic
Ava Westergaard
Yasmine Lazrak
Carina Dumitru
Christine Cheng
Anna Queen

Co-Founders/ Co-Presidents
Emily Ren and Vasilia Kratsios
Conference Chair:
Christina Xu
VP Comm - Anushe Parekh
VP External - Alyssa Obert
VP Internal - Debra Kelsall
VP Finance - Amandine Roche
VP Sponsorship - Ali Witteveen
Conference Committee Members:
Marianne Liu
Caelestia Hu
Payal Aniche
Sharan Mundi
Sanja Vicentijevic
Yifan Song